review: tdl – The Death Lair by Trinca

A mixture of metal and medieval, shaken– not stirred.


review: arwop – A Roman Wilderness of Pain

before you read this, i feel i should warn you there are some spoilers in here.  i figure it’s long enough after the initial release that this should be ok, but if you haven’t played it yet, you may want to skip this post.

i know it says ‘review’, but these ‘review’ posts are probably more like commentary than a review intended to pique someone’s interest.

i initially played this map pack a few months ago, back when it first was released but never finished it (i got to the second map and hit a gameplay snag and gave up).

then sock started playing q1sp releases and i was reminded of this when he dropped his comment concerning this map.

so i decided to give this another go.


review: hrim_sp4 – for love of evil

saturday, sky cloudy, air thick with moisture.  not a nice day.

time for quake! :)

two turtle maps and one full map.  a start map is included, although not very useful as you should restart each time to wipe your weapons and ammo clear (the maps were not designed to be played with previous kit).  simply choosing to start a new game from the menu works well enough, even though each of the maps brings you back to start on their own.


review: qt_pre02 – Grendel’s Keep by Distrans

An interesting fusion of idmetal and metlslime’s oblivion punctuated with zerstorer flesh.