doom vs quake

i’m sure in ’96 there was a lot of talk about this kind of thing, but i thought i’d talk about it from a mapping perspective and what it means for the community after having worked on a doom map for a month or so now.


review: hrim_sp4 – for love of evil

saturday, sky cloudy, air thick with moisture.  not a nice day.

time for quake! :)

two turtle maps and one full map.  a start map is included, although not very useful as you should restart each time to wipe your weapons and ammo clear (the maps were not designed to be played with previous kit).  simply choosing to start a new game from the menu works well enough, even though each of the maps brings you back to start on their own.


i got my doom map tested!

apparently, it sucks.  heh, ok, not really, but it really highlights my inexperience with the doom gameplay mechanics.


review: qt_pre02 – Grendel’s Keep by Distrans

An interesting fusion of idmetal and metlslime’s oblivion punctuated with zerstorer flesh.


ne_cath makes a partial ressurection

i found an old backup version which contained the first map from ne_cath.  it had been completed quickly, ahead of all the others and sat in a complete state for quite a while.

although the backup held little else of use for the other maps, ne_cath1 is in a releasable state.  typically, there are a huge batch of minor texture misalignments and micro-leaks (which had been fixed, i guess, after i made the backup), but i’ll probably be able to get it tested in a few days.

in a pleasant twist, the map full vises in only a few hours, even.

i suspect it will be underwhelming, as the map’s pacing is a little off due to it being part of a larger unit.  only testing will tell, i suppose.  if it’s pretty bad, i’ll see about reworking the gameplay a bit, i suppose…

doom2 map almost done

i think it’s pretty sad i still don’t have a name for this…

anyway, there’s essentially one room left which will house the boss combat for the map.


coding ne_city

i’m a little disgruntled atm.  yesterday i managed to code up accelerating/decelerating movers in a couple of hours.

they work fairly well and look very cool.

i’m disgruntled because i banged my head against them for a week trying to get them into quoth 2.  annoyingly, they were pretty easy to code up and it’s really my fault i couldn’t do it the first time.  should have paid attention in high school algebra more.


no flesh shall be spared

mapper ‘sock’ (who’s responsible for things like Map on the Edge of Forever) has recently started playing some modern q1sp.  one of the predominant things that he brings up is that these maps are too hard.

i think that’s pretty indicative of the direction q1sp has been heading in for the past few years and i think it’s a terrific opportunity to see current community maps through the eyes of an ‘outsider’.  it’s also great that sock doesn’t mind taking the time to write up some pretty long and detailed reviews.


ne_q1spCompilingGui update (1.0.1) and quake stuff

following some suggestions on func_msgboard,i’ve added a few things to the compiler gui program.
-Added some error checking to recover in the case of corrupted config.ini.  It still requires you to restart the program though.
-Added ‘factory defaults’ in the case of a deleted config.ini.  It still requires you to restart.
-Checking ‘Run Quake’ or running quake manually will automatically apply +map mapname, you still need to enter -game mod in the arguments though.
-Added ‘About’ information.
-Changed main window to allow it to be minimized.

the original post has been updated with the new file, or just download it here: (22kb) from



my creatively named “ne_q1spCompilingGui” is a sometimes useful GUI.  essentially, it acts as a graphical batch file that will copy files for you, run qbsp, vis and light with whatever settings you want and easily let you toggle command line arguments on and off.


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