How to make a map.

so…  i some how stumbled on this webpage:

for fun, i thought i’d just convert this so that it is relevant to mapping.


ne_qcStarter released (1.0.0)

A program of dubious usefulness, this should speed up the creation of frame macros when making a new monster.

I don’t know if there are better options out there, but I enjoy doing this kind of thing so I didn’t really check all that hard.

It’s not terribly difficult to use, just fill in some text boxes and it spits out QC code for monster frame macros.  Things like stand, walk, run…  It doesn’t create anything like the main monster function or setting up .th_xxxx links…  I suppose I might do that if it bothers me enough.

[Download from Quaddicted]

Note that this is a visual basic program, so you’ll need the microsoft VB runtimes.
More detailed instructions are in the readme inside the zip archive.


ne_q1spCompilingGui update (1.0.3)

A couple of oversights were brought up on func_msgboard.  Namely there was no .lit support for coloured lighting nor .pts file support for loading pointfiles in the engine.  This is a small update to address those two points.

Additions in 1.0.3:

-Automatically copies .lit file into output folder.
-Automatically copies .pts file into output folder.

[Download from Quaddicted]

On Quake Weapons:

A little bit about the different weapons available in stock quake.  not really that interesting, just a poorly formatted post where i talk about the q1 guns a bit.


ne_q1spCompilingGui update (1.0.2)

I posted about this on func_msgboard, so if you frequent that board, there’s nothing new here.

I’ve updated my ne_q1spCompilingGui with a couple of new features:

Additions in 1.0.2:

-Supports skip tools

First, specify the tool’s filename in the Folder Setup dialog. In the main dialog, you can check the box “SKIP” next to the QBSP checkbox. The skip tool will run right after QBSP.

-Supports pointfile copying and renaming.

Once your map has been compiled and generated a
.pts file, you can choose File->Pointfile (Ctrl+P). This copies the newly generated .pts file back to the source folder so you can load it up in your editor.

Check the radio button in the Folder Setup dialog to choose between .lin or .pts extensions. .lin is for GTKRadiant which does not load .pts files.

[Download from Quaddicted]

review: tdl – The Death Lair by Trinca

A mixture of metal and medieval, shaken– not stirred.


Always a bigger fish

if you’re fighting a shambler and someone casts Summon Bigger Fish, how are you supposed to do collision?





review: arwop – A Roman Wilderness of Pain

before you read this, i feel i should warn you there are some spoilers in here.  i figure it’s long enough after the initial release that this should be ok, but if you haven’t played it yet, you may want to skip this post.

i know it says ‘review’, but these ‘review’ posts are probably more like commentary than a review intended to pique someone’s interest.

i initially played this map pack a few months ago, back when it first was released but never finished it (i got to the second map and hit a gameplay snag and gave up).

then sock started playing q1sp releases and i was reminded of this when he dropped his comment concerning this map.

so i decided to give this another go.


creating mover hierarchies

i’ve often talked about this, but only till a month ago did i really try to do it.


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