Though I primarily make maps, I have been known to dabble with the other side of quake from time to time .

[ne_dynamic] Q1SP Mod
Similar to Left 4 Dead, this mod dynamically spawns in monsters to create combat instead of relying on static, mapper placed entities.This isn’t a ‘magic’ mod like DMSP, however, where it will just work with any map. In order to work, a map must have mod-specific entities placed in them. Still, this mod comes with 3 maps you can play:

  • dyn_qep1: The full ‘experience’ of this mod as it was meant to be played. Go through the original episode of quake (all in one map!) and be scared once again as monsters pop out of the strangest places to kill you.
  • dyn_rpgsp1: RPG’s excellent metal map converted to support dynamic monsters. Get your 15 minutes of dynamic fun here!
  • dyn_ikbasetest: An early arena shaped test map for the mod. Not great, but not bad either.

[Download .map files]

Screenshot of a modified e1m5 with monsters spawned in dynamically.
[ne_rpg] Q1SP Mod
What might have become something akin to a Quake version of Hellgate London. This unfinished mod allows you to play as a caster class character where you can get XP from killing monsters that allows you to purchase more powerful spells and abilities. Screenshot showing a player character shooting a magic fireball...

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