So… Lava Nails…

I always hated the implementation of those things in the Rogue mission pack (Dissolution of Eternity).  For one, the stock UI does not have room for the extra ammo counters and Rogue didn’t add the spaces in properly, instead, opting for a weird and hack-like method where the counters swap between ammo types depending on selected weapon.

And second, it basically adds even more redundant weapons into the game.  It’s bad enough the SNG is nothing more than a DPS increase over the NG, but now we have the LNG (lava Nail Gun) and the LSNG which are nearly functionally equivalent, but with higher damage.  (It should be noted that lava nails do have a proper benefit for MP which is that the damage completely bypasses armor, but since I only ever discuss SP, i don’t count this as anything important.)

Even worse, the LNG sits in this strange place between the NG, SNG and LSNG.

So, why not just replace the NG and SNG with lava versions permanently (at least for the duration of the map)?  No need for any UI changes, simplifies weapon selection and doesn’t make yet another ammo to keep track of.

But why stop there?  In ne_ruins, i added the QBS (quad barrel shotgun) as a way of increasing the damage potential of the player to allow for more powerful monsters.

Bumping up shotgun damage via a ‘lava ammo artifact’ would have been a little more elegant solution.

The next iteration of my mod will definitely have something like this implemented.  At the moment, i’ve got it as a flat 50% damage increase on both bullets and nails.  Works out nice in testing and really speeds things up to maintain fast paced gameplay with more powerful monsters and makes combinations of QBS + lava ammo + Quad psychotic.  A little reminiscent of nail guns + Trinity + Quad in quoth.

Some other ideas are to allow lava ammo shots to pass through initial targets to damage other monsters behind or possibly giving a small chance per lava hit of lighting a monster on fire.  High shot counts of shotguns would mean greater chances of igniting targets vs single nails.  Will need to experiment with this…


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