QExpo – ne_ruins (Q1SP) Released

And now we come to the meat of the QExpo releases from myself.

ne_ruins is a two map mod from Quake.  It features, among the maps themselves, some newish monsters and bosses and a new weapon, as well as a few other modified things.











More info at func_



QExpo – Opening day

Visit the main QExpo site. You can also visit my QExpo Booth here.


To start things off, I’ve released a small, unfinished mod I started way back during the last QExpo.

It’s a sort of diablo-style RPG with World of Warcraft gameplay.  Kill guys, get XP, level up, get more spells…  More info at thebooth and in the zip archive.

Anyway, besides this pathetic release (I’ll release better stuff later!), there are already a bunch of other booths up that you can check out.  Whee!

QExpo in a few days…

QExpo is starting this weekend.  Looking forward to see what everyone else is bringing.

Spoooky...Good news, is this map is done so it’ll definitely make it’s appearance next week… some time. ^_^

See you next week!

QExpo 2011

In case you somehow missed it, QExpo 2011 will be starting this month, and run from the 19th to the 25th.  Get over there and make a booth to show off your Quake related projects!  They don’t have to be finished, just show off screenshots and such.

There will also be some Multiplayer competitions as well as speed mapping and speed modding, as usual.

I have a map ready as well as a mod with the possibility of another mod for release during the event.  I’ll probably also do some reviews (read: dissections) of stuff released during the event too which i’ll later put up here.