ne_q1spCompilingGui update (1.0.2)

I posted about this on func_msgboard, so if you frequent that board, there’s nothing new here.

I’ve updated my ne_q1spCompilingGui with a couple of new features:

Additions in 1.0.2:

-Supports skip tools

First, specify the tool’s filename in the Folder Setup dialog. In the main dialog, you can check the box “SKIP” next to the QBSP checkbox. The skip tool will run right after QBSP.

-Supports pointfile copying and renaming.

Once your map has been compiled and generated a
.pts file, you can choose File->Pointfile (Ctrl+P). This copies the newly generated .pts file back to the source folder so you can load it up in your editor.

Check the radio button in the Folder Setup dialog to choose between .lin or .pts extensions. .lin is for GTKRadiant which does not load .pts files.

[Download from Quaddicted]