So, Rogue were really nice and left a usable base frame inside the dragon mdl which made re-rigging it a breeze.

it’s a shame that the ‘hands’ on the dragon are not modeled, but just part of the skin, so articulating them is impossible.  still, the wings were belt well such that using them for ‘gestures’ and also walking should be easy.

i was always so disappointed with this monster.  i mean, it’s the end boss for the entire expansion and all it ever did was follow a preset path.  it doesn’t even fire all that often.  in fact, i probably died more often to the random earthquakes throwing me into the lava than this guy.

hopefully some new animations and the large bbox hack will breathe some new life into this guy.  it would be interesting to script it so it could interact with the world geometry a bit.  landing on ledges/roofs (like in the harry potter movie).  something theatrical, befitting of an end boss.


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  1. Anonymous
    Feb 05, 2014 @ 18:33:09

    So…I don’t suppose I could have a copy of this new dragon model?


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