i got my doom map tested!

apparently, it sucks.  heh, ok, not really, but it really highlights my inexperience with the doom gameplay mechanics.

the big thing about it was that it was too difficult.  ok, well, most mappers will find out their map is too difficult regardless of the game, if only because when they play through it themselves, they know where all the traps and monsters are as well as where the areas with good and bad cover are placed.

but this was really rather ridiculous.

thinking back now, i realize there are a lot of tricks that i use during play that make the map much easier and that i made the encounters so difficult to counterbalance those tricks.

of course, if you don’t know the tricks, the map shits all over you.

also, for anyone who’s played my q1sp maps, you’ll know that i have a penchant for hordes.  in retrospect, i guess doom is not a game i should be allowed to map for as the engine will quite politely allow you to cram 1500 monsters into a map where quake would slap you upside the head and tell you to settle down. (yes, there are 1500 monsters in the map…)


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