doom2 map almost done

i think it’s pretty sad i still don’t have a name for this…

anyway, there’s essentially one room left which will house the boss combat for the map.

i’m sure it’s been done before, but i’ve been considering making a bunch of big pillars with ammo on top of them, and a switch on their bases that will lower them.

the idea would be that the player has to reduce the amount of cover they have available in order to get the ammo needed to kill whatever monsters.

this would sort of require hitscan monsters, the obvious choice being spider masterminds.

i might provide an optional cage of cyberdemons that the player can choose to release to use for infighting.  that may trivialize the content though.  it would be a balancing act between making the cyberdemons worth releasing and providing a different challenge to make up for it.  but at the same time, not making the new challenge so hard that players won’t ever consider it.

append:  might also be interesting if initially the pillars are spaced close together, but depending on which pillars the player chooses to lower, may or may not allow greater movement for the spiderdemon.

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