ne_cath story

no real mapping to report today, i was helping a friend of mine install some wiring in his house.

i do have the original story behind ne_cath.  actually, the story was lost, along with all the other data, but i wanted to have it down somewhere, so i’m re-writing from memory.

the map unit took place in, around and underneath a castle city nestled between the ocean and a rocky, mountainous region.

city origins:

the region was essentially untouched and was mostly jagged and mountainous.  the city was established along the shores by a group of humans.  they were religious followers, although there is no real information on what they practiced.

not much is known about why they chose to establish a settlement at that particular spot or even where they came from, but we know that the corruption that is so prevalent in the region now was present back then as well.  existence there was harsh so the city never really grew large in size.  most farming had to be done within the walls.

through a combination of their faith and the power that faith bestowed upon them, they were able to stave off decay and corruption for almost a thousand years.

as with all things, time eventually ran them down and the corruption was able to take hold.

there is very little information concerning their end times as chaos and disorganization took hold.  we do know that it is at this point that the Waygate network was created.  as paranoia grew, the religious leaders sought to protect their secrets.  they built a cathedral and a remote island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and created wards to prevent it from being discovered by normal means.  the only access to that island was through the Waygate network, the entrance being buried deep inside the castle’s depths.

to further protect the island, they captured and subdued a great beast and trapped it in the Ways, along the path that would lead to the island.

as the situation inside the city continued to deteriorate, all access into the city was closed off and another Waygate path was created and hidden in the outlying swamps to granted access to the city.

in the end, they all died off, although some believe that there are still undead roaming the underground passages.

modern times:

several hundred years passed and the city was home to nothing but vermin.  it was eventually found by a band of mercenaries comprised of death knights and ogres and led by a small council of death lords who had broken free of their master’s control.  the mercenaries used the city as a base for their piratical activities as the docks allowed them to easily maintain their ships.

eventually, they attracted the attention of a group of dimensional shamblers.  being initially drawn by the legend of the Waygates, they subdued the mercenaries.

at this point, history is unclear.  it is believed that it was the shamblers who initially ordered the construction of  The Bore but there is no information on why.

The Bore:

essentially a completely vertical shaft down into the ground, it is one hundred meters in diameter and many kilometers deep.

the drilling machine and excavation:

in any case, it was a massive undertaking, and excavation wouldn’t begin until two years later as the drilling machine had to first be built and a colossal stockpile of energy cells had to be collected.

cells and machinery were shipped in by sea and the massive drill was built even as drilling was done.

the machine is several dozen stories high and had to be built in stages.

the initial excavation was done with simple digging machines.  after enough ground had been cleared, the massive drill head was built inside The Bore itself.

the drilling machine is essentially a self sufficient vehicle.  as rock is broken up by the 4 beam emitters, the machine then moves downward where the debris is brought inside the machine and smelted to be used in the construction of the support struts that hold the outer rock walls in place.

work crews can easily stand on the ‘top’ of the machine even as it’s drilling to build and install those girders.

unknown entity:

at some point, an entity which had lain dormant underground was awakened.  it coopted the work crew of the machine and began to partially convert some of the ogres into mechanical creatures.  it is unclear why the death knights were untouched although it is believed that the smaller, weaker bodies of the knights would not have withstood the mechanical conversion.

at this development, most the shamblers fled into the Waygate networks for refuge and were trapped there.  the corruption had spread into the Ways as well, and had corroded most of the passages there.  any shamblers that had remained behind were coopted by the entity.

arrival of the gugs:

all work was stopped and the denizens of the city were seen from afar as doing nothing.  it was a year later than a small group of gugs arrived.  information on their arrival is sketchy at best.  there is no information on why they came to the city or who’s orders they were following.  only that they seemed to be immune to the mind altering effects of the underground entity.

the gugs did not seek to fight any of the shamblers or mercenaries and seemed to come to a sort of agreement over the abeyance of the city with the gugs being the de facto rulers mostly staying high up in the tower.


at this point, the player arrives. :P


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