riven and doom3

i’ve been playing some riven recently thanks to a mod that allows it to run on my macbook pro and a thought that used to occur to me often back when i was first playing it came to mind again.  this would be so much cooler if it was realtime.

i got to thinking about the gameplay mechanics in riven and what kind of puzzles there were and i realized that it could be done with doom3.  i mean, there’s the obvious problem of only having access to hard shadows, but aside from that, the engine provides enough flexibility to accommodate all the puzzles in riven.

the fancy rides between islands (maglevs and the mine cart) are simple to create with splines and any anything else like machinery can either be scripted directly in the engine or else animated in md5 files.  riven never requires you to swim (indeed, water is actually a barrier) so the lack of liquids in doom3 is not an obstacle.

and then, i got started thinking about the art assets.  even if all the sounds from the game were ripped, it would still leave a colossal number of models and textures.  it would just not be possible to make it all.  doh.

still, some pretty cool puzzles could be done in idtech4…


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