doom2 sp map update2

was supposed to finish off the cavern by building the button area that enables the gateway in the center to be used by the (A), but mapper’s block happened so i dropped it for now.

instead, i started on the outdoor canyon area (B).  i had to rework this area before i finally settled on what’s there.  the first time, i had some problems integrating the new area with the first outdoor section above it.  that first area had a ceiling height of 128 but with the sky at 0, so anything had to be below 0 which the original area wasn’t. (i wanted to create a mountain above the ground height).

i settled on making nominal ground height far above sea level, so when the player appears at point (B), they are actually about -1024 down.  as they work across the canyon (following the red line, roughly), they eventually come back to 0 height.

i added a tower (C) out in the ocean to act as a sort of landmark for the two ‘windows’ i added through the rock walls shown by (D).  this will give the player something to place themselves with (without having to look at the map).


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