current plans for expansion…

so the whole point of this thing was to blog the map itself, so here’s my current plans:

i’m currently building around the brown section in this image.  the gameplay of this cavern is pretty much done at this point.

but just to explain a bit:

the player enters this cavern on the right side.  they move to the center and hit a button.  the button simultaneously starts a timer that releases hundreds of monsters out of the teleporter in the middle of the cavern and also unlocks the passageway at point ‘A’.  the player is safe from the gigantic horde of monsters once they start to work their way around the perimeter of the cavern.

along the way, they pick up boxes of rockets that they have to use to thin the horde out (they are safe from counter attack).

eventually, they make it to the brown unfinished area above with a button that will ‘recalibrate’ the gateway ‘to allow human transport’.  uhhh heh, well, it lets them use the teleporter.

it’s not on that image, but the teleporter would take them to some small/medium outdoor area with a completely different theme.  the obvious choice here is ‘hell’ since it’s doom after all.  so either those weird tentacle textures or the brimstone rocks or something.  it’s not really important, the point of it is really just to put some contrast in what the player’s seeing.

anyway, they work through this small area and teleport ‘back to the real world’ (…heh) into the green section.  this is planned to be outdoor, and i’m not sure on the size or exactly how it’ll look.  currently, i’m thinking of like big canyon type thing with a blood river meandering down the center of it.  the cavern is inside a giant mountain anyway, so it should be fairly consistent.

in any case, they pick up the yellow key which they use…

over here.  of note, the area ‘B’ is currently a decoration area, it’s not reachable and just has trees (and a teleporter pad where flying monsters come out of).

plans here are fairly vague but everything past the yellow door is likely to be marb textured with some courtyards.

area ‘C’ is the current start point, but i want to expand that northward a bit with a proper start (instead of just appearing in the hallway inside the map already).


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