slade vs doom builder

been using doom builder for a couple of hours now.

so far, it does essentially the same thing as slade with a few minor differences.

in 3d preview, both slade and doom builder have the ability to adjust floor/ceiling height by pointing at either the floor or ceiling and then using the mousewheel to increment or decrement by 8 units.

slade also defaults to adjusting ceiling height if you mousewheel when looking at a wall and not a floor/ceiling specifically.

doom builder has the option to turn that on.

the difference is this:  in slade, when looking at a wall, you can press shift+mousewheel and that will adjust floor height of that wall.  unfortunately there is no option for that in doom builder.

slade also looks a lot better than doom builder.  you can adjust the width that linedefs are displayed at whereas i find doom builder’s default line width a bit thick.  you can disable ‘high quality rendering’, but that really only disables anti-aliasing for lines making it even more ugly.

vertices are only visible in slade when in vertex mode.  they are solid coloured squares.

doom builder’s vertices are always visible which is distracting. also, they have this cheesy glossy look to them.

slade displays things/entities as a solid coloured circle with a line radiating out of the origin of the entity.

i kind of prefer doom builder’s display of things because you can turn on ‘display things as boxes’ which is much more helpful when aligning bounding boxes.  sadly, things have the cheesy gloss effect like vertices do.

once you’re past the aesthetics though, i think doom builder is superior.  slade has a long delay (~1 second) every time you switch to line mode.  it’s incredibly annoying and seems like a bug.  doom builder switches between modes fast with no delays at all.

switching in and out of 3d preview in doom builder is equally fast.  slade looks like it’s compiling the map every time you turn on the 3d preview which, in a large map, can take 1~2 seconds.

otoh, slade can display the sky like it appears in-game.  i haven’t been able to do that in doom builder.

as with most things like this, i wish i could combine the crisp, clear look of slade with the efficient and quick coding of doom builder.  oh well. :S


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